Friday, January 3, 2014

Upcycled Frame and Fun Wall Vases

This post is dedicated to a friend/sorority sister, who encouraged me to begin this cyber-journey and to share this project.
In my house, there isn’t a good place for seasonal d├ęcor. The entryway is practically non-existent and there are no built-ins. So I really wanted to create an area where I could change things up for the holidays and seasons. My hearth room seemed to be the best place, because it has a fireplace mantle for decorating, and it opens to the kitchen.
So, the project all began with (not surprisingly) a garage sale find. I scored this 52"x31" frame for $5 and barely got it into the back seat of my car, after quite a wrestling match.

Frame before facelift

Then I painted it the cream that I have used on the fireplace brick and chair rail moulding. I found some awesome wall vases online (Wayfair) and carefully measured and installed them inside the frame. I am loving them for their versatility! Each season, they challenge my creativity to find just the right stems to add.

Here they are wearing their Christmas and winter finery. Stay tuned for a new look if when spring comes around again.

Christmas greenery

Winter style

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