Monday, May 18, 2015

Coffee Table Styling

Does anyone else struggle with what to display on tables in the home? I have tried many items, arrangements, and techniques over time with varied success.

But first things first. Recently I purchased new furniture for our living room, which opened the floodgates for "needing" new accessories as well. (Whose husbands understand and accept this concept? Mine doesn't, but he also doesn't bother with trying to figure it out anymore, which frees his mind for more important things, like sports, haha.)

Our old leather sofa and loveseat were worn and dark, and the tables had sharp edges and glass tops. With dogs constantly shedding, sniffing, and playing, that meant smudges, hair, and "clumsy dog" injuries. (Not to mention family members who use the table as an ottoman...ahem.) So it was time to lighten up the furniture...I decided on a sectional since we watch TV so often in this room, and a round-edged, low-maintenance coffee table. I love this "nesting" table with its bronze and travertine finishes.

I set out to accessorize the top in a way that wasn't just decorative, but also a little more personal. I found the perfect brass-and-glass box at Nell Hill's (if you live in the Midwest, you're probably familiar with these shops in Kansas City and Atchison, KS.) The box works great for holding some special family photos, which can be perused when we want to stroll down memory lane. Truthfully, this is my solution to a failed goal of someday scrapbooking all of the photos that have been stuffed into our closets. I like the idea so much that I'm thinking about adding more boxes or bowls of photos in our hearth room and guest room, too.

I also displayed some favorite coffee table books and set out some fun numbered coasters. Of course, my black hand had to stay. It's always a good conversation piece as I seasonally change what is perched on top of it. And, for some quirky reason, I've long been a fan of these wooden artist's model hands, so...what can I say? Two hands are better than one, right? I thought so!

The low height on this table display works well as it doesn't obstruct our view of the TV...priorities, you know.
Now, if only those dogs didn't like to claim the couch and the nice accent pillows as their own, I'd be a happy lady. But this family will likely always have dogs who are invited to lounge on the furniture, so I guess it's a losing battle. Luckily, my hubby does most of the vacuuming in this family ;)

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