Monday, January 9, 2017

Turner Bubble Mirror

Happy New Year, Friends! 

Have you cleared all the glitter and pine needles from your homes by now?  Many times, when our rooms have been bedecked with holiday dressings for several weeks, they feel stark and empty after we pack the ornaments away.  It takes a little adjusting to appreciate our everyday décor again.  But, I find this the perfect time to look at my rooms with fresh eyes.

I have SO many design projects on the docket for 2017!  These rooms are very tired, dated, and ready for new life.  The "biggie" will be our Master Bedroom.  Have you ever noticed that there are zero photos of our bedroom(s) on this blog?  Well, there is a very good reason for that, haha!  As soon as progress gets underway in the Master, I'll be shamelessly humbly revealing a "before" photo.

In the meantime, though, there are lots of smaller facelifts going on around here.  I may have mentioned that I'm trying to update my design style and replace some Neoclassic/Vintage items with fresh looks.  Don't get me wrong...I'm all about a great period piece, and my style will ALWAYS be an eclectic mix.  But, I'm really ready to interject some modern lines and statements into our spaces.  In fact, toys are not the only Christmas gift I bought myself this year (see previous post if that sentence piqued your curiosity.)

A couple of months ago, I was perusing one of my favorite antique stores looking for bits and bobs for Etsy projects, when I spotted a Turner Bubble Mirror (insert heart eyes emoji here!)  My heart skipped a few beats, but I walked away after I looked at the price tag, as it was definitely over my self-imposed budget.  The vision of that mirror was planted in my head, though, and weeks later I told myself that I'd return to the shop...if the mirror was still there, that meant it should come home with me.


Plus, the consignor offered me a 20% discount - Yea!  It was still a splurge, for sure, but I knew that the mirror would have good staying power and could adapt to many future rooms and styles.

Here is what little I have been able to learn about it on the web:

The Turner Manufacturing Company was located in Chicago, IL and went out of business in 1975.  At one point, Turner was the largest producer of low-cost prints of "old masters" and mirrors, which were sold at department stores and "Five-and-Dimes."  (via quirksbyannie)

I'm not sure if I got a deal or if I gave away the farm.  Either way, I love this mirror and don't have a drop of buyer's remorse.  That being said, there are a couple of things that were actually better about the mirror that used to hang in this spot, haha.  It was larger and filled the space better; and it reflected what is in the room (which made for prettier photos.)

But, the "bubbles" of the Turner Bubble Mirror really reflect (no pun intended) the shape of the convex mirrors that hang above our sectional, as seen in a photo from earlier last fall (hence, the pumpkins and acorns.)

I think this new mirror elevates the look of these two spaces.  It's industrial, chic, and modern, all at the same time.  It reminds me of something that would be produced by a car manufacturer, do you agree?

Thanks for stopping by to see my new mirror.  Next week we're off to Havana, Cuba for a few days, so hopefully I'll have plenty of great photos to share with you when we return!


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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Playing with Toys

Another Christmas has come and gone.  Can you believe it?  I suppose the key to getting the most out of the season is to remember to enjoy the process, the preparations, and to live in the moment as much as possible.  Otherwise it seems that it's gone in a flash, and sometimes there is a little sense of let-down when everything comes to a halt.  Hopefully at this time of year our hearts are full, although I realize that not every celebration is like those depicted in the movies.  Believe me, I am all too familiar with this truth.  And for some, it can be hard to watch everyone else's festivities on social media.  But I do hope that anyone reading this found at least some amount of love, joy, and hope during this holiday season.

Are you one of the people, like I am, who enjoys the week between Christmas and New Year's Day?  I find this week before a new year begins to be very therapeutic, in that I allow myself to rest from all the hubbub and take time to reflect on what I want the next year to look like. 

Also, for the past few years, I've started a new tradition.  I gift myself a toy (yes, you read that right.)  It started two years ago when I bought myself a paint-by-number set of the Eiffel Tower, which I intended to apply to a piece of furniture to use or sell.

As it turned out, though, I became really immersed in the restorative process of doing something that I loved to do as a child.  Not only was it tranquil and meditative, it also reminded me of my intrinsic love of creating.

As you can see, I have yet to turn this canvas into any kind of purposeful project...

What it did do, though, was to plant a seed in my head.  Instead of trying to project my desire for artsy/crafty gifts onto my friends and family in what I selected for them
(i.e. - giving Legos to my adult son) a tradition began, and last year I gifted Legos to myself!

Apparently, the Eiffel Tower holds some unrealized dreams for me.  I have already visited there, but I guess the romance and the idea of travel is still what entices me.

This year I consciously searched for the gift I would give myself, and here it is...

Have you seen these?  There are a couple that are geared to children, and this one is for older children and kids-at-heart, like me I guess, haha.  This activity combines the idea of paint-by-number with no-mess stickers, and fine art masterpieces to expand the noggin.  To be honest, I've had a hard time getting anything else done this week.  All I want to do is sip on holiday-flavored coffees and play with my sticker book!

You can see a few of the pictures that I have completed already.  There are 12 total, and I'm zipping through them pretty quickly because I'm enjoying it so much!  They each have a printed background and then spaces for the stickers to go.  Some are quite detailed with tiny stickers, so I'm telling myself that this particular book is meant for adults (wink, wink.)

My daughter has noticed my newfound love of "playing" and gave me a Spirograph set for Christmas.  This toy is especially cool for designer-types, as it combines art with engineering.  Of course, my intellectual son pointed out that it is made by Hasbro, which employs engineers as toy designers.  His comment did prompt us to look at the design book included in the set, where we discovered some really cool ways to create with Spirograph!

Am I the only adult who buys toys for myself?  If you are out there and reading this, let me know that I'm not alone in my silliness, OK?  Please!

On another topic, are you cracking open your new planners in anticipation of everything you want to get done in 2017?  I'm considering trying bullet journaling.  Does anyone have tips to share?  In a way, I guess I've been using a few of the techniques without even knowing it...color-coding, combining journaling into my planner, etc.  But I'm hoping to kind-of take it to the next level (if I can figure it out!)  I'm hoping it's not just another way I divert my attention as a form of procrastination.  I tend to use procrastination as a stall tactic because of perfectionism.  If I can't do something perfectly, I just don't start.  Ugh :(  This is one of my biggest battles, and obviously one reason I'm currently so preoccupied with stickers......

But one thing I've learned is that overthinking leads to more procrastination, and the way to overcome that is to "DO."  Just getting in there and working on something without the fear of failure is the only way to move forward.  I guess Nike knows best, huh?  ;)

Happy New Year, Friends.  And thank you so much for sharing 2016 with me!


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Monday, December 12, 2016

'Tis the Craft Fair Season!

For "makers" and artists, this time of year is craft fair season. I've been participating in 1-2 shows each year for the past four years, which is another way for me to express my creativity, and I love it!

The photos in this post are from Craftacular in my hometown of Lincoln, NE. It's a great event for the 70-80 vendors who participate, with live music and plenty of variety for shopping at the juried show. Here are some shots of my "booth" from last week's show...


The tables are somewhat small, so displaying multiple items can get tricky (as can photographing said table, haha.) Unfortunately, the booth behind me, chairs, and carpet are distracting when looking at the photos.

My crafting aesthetic, up to this point, has been repurposing and upcycling items discovered at tag sales, flea markets, etc. I enjoy working with vintage jewelry when creating art and ornaments; and I also love making wreaths and floral arrangements.

Christmas tree jewelry pictures are always a favorite of my customers, and I wouldn't be satisfied if I didn't make some snowflake ornaments. (You all know how much I love snowflakes!)

The little "Animal Magnetism" vintage animal pin magnets were a hit, too. People love to pick up small items for gifts and stocking stuffers this time of year. 

There are also vintage art pieces embellished with trims and jewels, picture frames and boxes, and architectural plaques.

Some of these items are still available in my Etsy shop. And I'm having a sale through the end of the year! After that, my plans are to tweak my style and go in a slightly different direction (maybe a little less blingy) with new items for the shop.

We creative types are forever imagining the possibilities, aren't we, blogging friends? ;)


Thursday, December 1, 2016

Holiday Home Tour

I hope Thanksgiving left you with a full stomach and a full heart; I hope you shopped 'til you dropped and found some incredible weekend deals; and I hope that your hall-decking is in full swing by now.

It's been a few years since I've really pulled out all the stops with our Christmas decorating. We had a wedding in '14 and a family crisis in '15, so I had really only done the minimum with holiday décor for those years. Truthfully, it was just tree, few gifts...bah humbug.

But it's 2016, and this elf is back in the spirit! So, I'm inviting you to take a mini home tour with me. Let's get this party started :)

I may as well mention that I love snowflakes, so you're bound to see several of them on the tour. This arrow in the entry hall has become a fun place to hang pretty things. I discovered this last year when I attached a vintage ornament wreath to it for Valentine's Day. Now, one of my favorite snowflake ornaments dangles there and gives guests a little taste of what they'll see inside.

This garland above the kitchen sink has stood in for a window treatment for years. It has almost worn out its welcome, though, and will be replaced with a bamboo shade after the holidays. But, for now, it got a little holiday zhushing with evergreen branches and ornaments.

Heading into our hearth room, you see that this year's décor incorporates my new design color, teal, with the greens that have been staples here for awhile.

Simplicity meets glitz is the theme in here. I do enjoy a bit of glitter at Christmas, as displayed by this silver tinsel tree decorated with gold, teal, and green ball ornaments. A throw pillow adds to both the teal scheme and the snowflake motif.

I decided to keep the mantel clean this year. A simple garland of greenery and topiaries intertwined with tiny lights give just a touch of Christmas without going overboard. Often, my mantel décor is asymmetrical, which I like, although as soon as my paperwhites bloom, I'll place them behind the stocking holders to balance the height of the topiaries and to add a little more natural color.

On Christmas day, a fire will crackle in the fireplace, creating a warm, cozy atmosphere, and my (adult) children will find a few fun surprises in these stockings. I'm not sure who enjoys the tradition more - me or them, haha.

As we head into the living and dining rooms, you can see some of my favorite things. Again, greenery, snowflakes, and the same color scheme flow into these spaces. Each year I drape evergreen boughs through our pendant light above the dining table and hang more sparkly beaded snowflakes. This creates a magical holiday canopy over our family Christmas dinner.

Because there is a lot going on overhead, I chose to keep the centerpiece here less busy. A collection of teal, green, and gold mercury glass votive holders will cast a pretty glow when the candles are lit.

Of course, the star of the show is always the tree, right? I finally broke down this year and bought a pre-lit tree, and boy howdy, did it ever save me hours of light-stringing of the best investments ever! Our tree is decorated with loads of ball ornaments in gold, silver, champagne, and clear glass. Some are vintage and some are new. There are also icicles, stars, moons, and of course, snowflakes. My family considers this the "designer" tree, and the gifts always get wrapped in coordinating "designer" giftwrap.

We have also often put up the family memory tree in addition to this tree. It has always been a cherished treasure that showcases ornaments the kids made when they were young and others that we picked up on vacations. There are even a few from my husband's and my childhoods (true antiques!) I don't put that tree up every year, but when I do, we all enjoy our walk down memory lane.

Simple bits of greenery, baubles, and snowflakes carry the festive feel into our living room. The coffee table will be another good spot to add paperwhites in a couple of weeks when they (hopefully) bloom in time for Christmas. You may notice the coffee table book "Passage to Cuba." Our son-in-law is from Havana, and we'll be visiting there in January for a few days. We're so excited!

I hope you've enjoyed this little mini tour of our holiday home. It's the most wonderful time of the year, isn't it?


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