Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Letting Go This Fall

Autumn is a season of transition - from the slow, carefree days of summer to the bustle of activities and the rustle of falling leaves.  Here at RM Design, there have been some important events which have led to letting go, in more ways than one.

Our son has recently moved to another city to begin Pharmacy School, so this mom has had to adjust to the quieter, emptier house and the discomfort of anxiety swirling in my head over the well-being of said son.

To help him furnish his new apartment, we also let go of a few furniture pieces, which led to a small refresh in our family room (and a little painting project, as well!)  I gave up a sofa and a desk, rationalizing to my husband that when we down-size in a few years, we'll be eliminating a good majority of our furniture anyway.  Honestly, we don't use this room much at all, so it wasn't that difficult to make the decision.

You can see in this photo, as compared to the "Before" photo below, that I painted the fireplace mantel and the windows above it.  Doesn't it look fresh, new, and up-to-date?  I don't know why I hadn't done this sooner!  

These patterned chairs actually look better on the long wall, I think.  Those chairs have been a thorn in my side since they were delivered from the furniture store!  Have you ever had buyer's remorse almost immediately after making a purchase?  Ugh.  I should have listened to my gut instinct when I selected this fabric, but........

Anyway, the leather chair and ottoman are much more conducive to reading and relaxing; so now we may even sit in this spot occasionally.

I've begun doing a little seasonal decorating with faux branches in the wall vases and also next to the leather chair.

This arrangement came together with hydrangeas from our back yard, a decorative ball and ceramic artichoke that I had on hand, and a new velvet pumpkin.  By arranging them in a chunky, woven basket, I created a very simple, yet beautiful Fall centerpiece for the coffee table.  

In our living room, sleek metallics and mirrors combined with wood and natural foliage create classic seasonal vignettes.  I've used faux thistle, fern, acorns, and a pumpkin corralled on a tray as a subtle nod to Fall.  If you've visited before, you recognize these hand sculptures, which have been favorites of mine for a while.  Rotating throw pillows, vases, and throws from room to room helps to keep our decor from feeling too tiresome, and it stretches the design budget as well.

Here atop our antique bookcase, I had created a vignette with a floral arrangement, and candleholders that have since been added to my Etsy shop.  I love to combine real cuttings from the garden with good-looking faux stems.  Can you tell which ones are faux?  (Don't look now, but that is the same vase that you saw in the previous photo, haha!)  This display space is currently in transition, and I'll be posting new photos soon.  

The candleholders are whitewashed wood column bases with china saucers attached to the tops.  They work well in my eclectic-style home and would look gorgeous in a French Country, Shabby Chic, or even a Modern setting!

Thanks for stopping by today, Friends.  I've been quiet on the blog for a while, but you can find me regularly posting on Instagram - @juliermdesign.  Come on over, won't you?

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