Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Jewelry Art

When it comes to sparkly jewelry, I am worse than a magpie. I just can't resist all of that glitter and shine. And when there is a whole cluster of it together in one place, I almost need to be sedated, haha.

Here's the crazy part, though. I don't wear much of it at all. In fact, I'm basically a minimalist in the fashion accessories area. But that doesn't stop me from collecting, NO SIR!

So, you ask, "What does one do with jewelry if not wear it?"

Drumroll, please.............

This peacock (necklace) is a Betsy Johnson piece that I scored at a garage sale for next to nothing. For those of you fashionistas out there, I realize it could be a little hard to accept that Betsy's necklace is retired as jewelry. But I think it makes an equally stunning piece of art in this chunky frame. I added the crown to emphasize the royal symbolism of the peacock (do I sound intellectual right now?) And I added a little extra bling with some Swarovski crystals (left over from long-ago days of embellishing dance costumes.)

But that's not the only bedazzled piece of art that I have created recently.

Here is another picture that began as an array of earrings, necklaces, rings and pins that were picked up at tag sales and flea markets. The frame is also a bargain-basement find.

Christmas in June, anyone?

Stay tuned...there is a vintage brooch bouquet being assembled in my craft room for a very special bride-to-be!

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