Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Art of Dabbling

I'm a putterer. I may even be incapable of finishing an entire room before becoming distracted inspired by the beckoning of another room.

I've tried to stay the course...I got really, really close with my sun porch (see it here.)

But it still needs a coffee table and a few more accessories...

...and with my family room (see it here.)

I think it could still use a big round ottoman in front of the sofa, with a pretty tray topped with books and designer tchotchkes.

I've tried to point the finger, place the blame.

- "I don't have enough money for new furniture."

- "No one ever sees that room anyway."

- "I need to take a trip instead."

Truth, though? I may secretly like to work this way. I try to convince myself that I'm an artist who dabbles, and my rooms evolve in perfect layers.

Sadly, it's one of the things that drives Renaissance Merman wacko!! He sees absolutely no good reason to leave projects unfinished. For the most part, he is a "closer". Start a project - finish it. (Although we won't mention the half demo'd basement he ripped into last winter...ahem.)

Anyway, I've made a little more progress in the craft room. I found this lamp at Pier 1. I think it's glamorous with its hammered silver base and peacock-blue shade.

And I gave a garage sale wall plaque a makeover with some glossy white paint. See how its design echoes the stencil that I used? (Happy accident.)

The pink ghost chair was purchased from StackChairs4Less.com. It's feminine and trendy, and I love the way it contrasts with the masculinity and patina of this table-turned-desk. (This was a cast-off from my in-laws and in rough shape, so not too precious for craft projects involving paint, glue, etc.)

The magazine rack was found at a flea market and started out black. A little gold spray paint elevated it from dull to pretty.

Aren't these little jars amazing? Yes, they were another garage sale find. I keep some of the tools of my trade in them and on a small silver tray. I think all of the vintage jewelry and jeweled ribbons are too pretty to store away while they wait to be used in projects.

I like the way the room is taking shape so far. The plans are to infuse more color, pattern and vintage goodness in here.

But I'm not rushing to finish it. And the entryway could use a facelift about now...... ;)

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