Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Vintage Jewelry Art - A Happy Accident

Have I mentioned that I have commitment issues when deciding on art?  I'm not exactly sure when I became so timid about selecting what to put on the walls in our home.  I guess I know myself well enough to accept the fact that I tire of things quickly and am a little color-phobic for the same reason.  The wall décor pieces that have stood the test of time and my ever-changing tastes, though, are mirrors, frames, and architectural salvage.  They work with almost every style and color palette, so there's less chance that I will change my mind as soon as they are hung.

I'm working on a gallery wall for our master bedroom; although this is definitely putting the cart before the horse, as the bedroom project is currently stalled...big time!  Anyway, I completed a piece that will eventually be a part of that gallery.  For now, though, it is hanging in the hearth room (mostly for blog photo purposes, haha.)

This piece was a true accident-turned-art :)  I picked up each of the 3 elements completely separately, with absolutely no plans to put them together. 

I picked up this mirror at a consignment shop for $6, and fully intended to use it to craft a piece for my Etsy shop.  It went into the "stash" of supplies and sat quietly for months.

This frame was found at Goodwill for 99 cents.  I loved the strong style and nailhead trim.  After contemplating where I might use it at home, it eventually joined the other frames in the "stash".

Many of you know how much I adore vintage jewelry.  Ironically, I don't wear much jewelry, but I had absolutely planned to wear this because it made my heart go pitter patter!  I found it at my favorite local thrift store for a few dollars (about $2, if I remember correctly....score!)  Well, it sat and sat on my jewelry tray with all of the other pretty, but unworn, jewelry until I finally realized that I should find an alternate use for it.

One thing led to another, and as I played with pieces from the "stash", I discovered that the nailhead-trim frame fit nicely within the square mirror...BAM!  Then a lightbulb moment struck, and I knew that the flower brooch would perfectly complete the piece.  I seriously couldn't have planned this project if my life had depended on it, but voila...happiest of accidents!

I can't wait to add it to that gallery wall  s   o   m   e   d   a   y   .   .   .


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