Thursday, September 29, 2016

Is Two Pieces of Art a Collection?

There are a couple of different approaches to the way in which we furnish and decorate our homes.  One way is to take a room and select pieces based on a design style or color, or some inspiration from a magazine, Pinterest, etc.  We gather our furnishings, paint colors, and accessories, and we put the room together...voila! 

The other way is to let the room evolve organically over time.  For our personal home, this is my modus operandi.  It drives my hubby crazy; and, I'll confess, it even drives me a little crazy sometimes, haha...partly because it allows time for changing my mind mid-project.  But this organic evolution also nurtures my desire to create spaces that don't follow a predicted style or trend.  I like rooms that tell stories about the people who live in them.

Take, for example, our living room/dining room.  Now, I'll admit that the color scheme has been influenced by what I've noticed online and in magazines.  So, in that regard, it is not really original.  But the eclectic juxtaposition of architectural salvage with contemporary, linear pieces clearly displays my personal design aesthetic.

I rarely commit to conventional "art" for our home.  But once in awhile, something will speak to my heart and I fall head over heels.  That's what happened when I found this top piece at an art festival in Chicago.  (Read more about it here.)

After some time, I came across another piece on Etsy that compliments it beautifully.  I knew that the framing needed to be simple in comparison to the ornate, chippy antique frame that I placed the first piece in.  This simple mirrored frame suits the art but doesn't compete.  It's hard to tell in this photo, but these drawings are hung pretty low on the wall.  The bottom edge is only about 2 1/2 feet off the floor.  This small area has a drop ceiling due to duct work.  I hung the first piece at eye level when standing (which is my default position.)  Rather than raising it to accommodate a second piece, I decided I liked the idea of going lower.  When seated, the second piece is at eye level.  It's more interesting than the expected height for art.

These pieces really sing against the dark paint, don't they?  I find ballet to be so breathtaking in its grace, discipline, artistry, and athleticism.  We now have beautiful, original, personal pieces that remind us of a part of our daughter's history.  To me, these are so much more special than anything I could have purchased "off the shelf."

Is two pieces of art a collection?  ;)

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