Monday, December 12, 2016

'Tis the Craft Fair Season!

For "makers" and artists, this time of year is craft fair season. I've been participating in 1-2 shows each year for the past four years, which is another way for me to express my creativity, and I love it!

The photos in this post are from Craftacular in my hometown of Lincoln, NE. It's a great event for the 70-80 vendors who participate, with live music and plenty of variety for shopping at the juried show. Here are some shots of my "booth" from last week's show...


The tables are somewhat small, so displaying multiple items can get tricky (as can photographing said table, haha.) Unfortunately, the booth behind me, chairs, and carpet are distracting when looking at the photos.

My crafting aesthetic, up to this point, has been repurposing and upcycling items discovered at tag sales, flea markets, etc. I enjoy working with vintage jewelry when creating art and ornaments; and I also love making wreaths and floral arrangements.

Christmas tree jewelry pictures are always a favorite of my customers, and I wouldn't be satisfied if I didn't make some snowflake ornaments. (You all know how much I love snowflakes!)

The little "Animal Magnetism" vintage animal pin magnets were a hit, too. People love to pick up small items for gifts and stocking stuffers this time of year. 

There are also vintage art pieces embellished with trims and jewels, picture frames and boxes, and architectural plaques.

Some of these items are still available in my Etsy shop. And I'm having a sale through the end of the year! After that, my plans are to tweak my style and go in a slightly different direction (maybe a little less blingy) with new items for the shop.

We creative types are forever imagining the possibilities, aren't we, blogging friends? ;)


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