Thursday, April 6, 2017

One Room Challenge - Plum Perfect!

There's nothing quite like the One Room Challenge to light a fire under a project, right?  For several years now, I've been a faithful cheerleader and spectator, watching from the sidelines as designers and diy-ers have transformed "before" spaces into beautiful "afters" - all within 6 weeks!

Well, Friends, it's time for this lady to jump in, feet first, and revamp our very needy master bedroom.  If you are visiting my humble blog for the first time, "Welcome" and thanks for dropping by!  I'm Julie, a former Interior Designer, whose passion has always been creating beauty around me.  I appreciate so many design styles and love to blend them into my rooms - our décor is constantly changing and evolving.

However, I have to confess that I have never truly completed a master bedroom in any of our homes, and we've been married for almost 34 years!  It's the room that always got put on the back burner, probably because it's not a public space and guests rarely ever see it.  But doesn't everyone deserve a beautiful bedroom to relax in?  I certainly think so!

Since the bedroom functions differently for so many of us, it's one of the most personal rooms to design and decorate.  We use ours for sleeping, of course, but also for watching tv, reading, and relaxing, especially during the winter months because it is the warmest room in our home.  My hubby and I have slightly differing opinions on things like window coverings, lighting, and storage, but he almost always concedes to my preferences.  That being said, I do shy away from anything too feminine in shared spaces, because it's important for all family members to feel comfortable in their own homes.

Many moons ago, I created a vision board for our bedroom (here) with the intention of starting the project at that time - over a year ago!  Since then, I've incorporated that blue and green color scheme into our living and hearth rooms, so it seemed best to change the palette for the bedroom.  Some of the original choices remain, like the window shades, headboard, and the overall feel of the design.  But I moved toward one of my long-time favorite hues and created a plan based on plum, with raspberry, gold, and, of course, black, which is a mainstay for me.  The large square of plum-mocha on the above board will be our paint color, and the art piece with circles in shades of plums and pinks is the jumping off point for accessories.

The goal is to create a moody, comfortable atmosphere with both masculine and feminine elements, and a hint of sparkle ;)  Furnishings, lighting, and window treatments are straight-lined, transitional in style, and neutral in color; but I'm adding a bit of glamour with small details such as the mini period painting in a lavender frame and the shiny brass lampshades.  A gallery wall will incorporate traditional and modern art, a few vintage pieces, and pops of color.  I'm still working on selecting all of the finishing touches, which is why this vision board is lean on accessory pieces, bedding, and art. 

The project is a cosmetic facelift as opposed to a remodel, but a whole new look was non-negotiable for me.  If I'm finally going to finish our master bedroom, I don't want to simply put a band-aid on it.  The "kicker" when I presented this idea to the hubby was telling him that pretty much everything was going, with the exception of the carpet and a leather chair that will be moved from his office to our bedroom.  Luckily, though, he has learned to live with the idea of frequent change in design and decor around this house!
So, during the next several weeks I hope you'll join me as I post an update each Thursday.  Next week, I'll be sharing the dreadful "before" photos and will get started on removing furnishings and painting the room in this gorgeous, subtle shade of plum. Wish me luck!