Sunday, April 20, 2014

Birdhouse Gets A Call-Back

I bought this birdhouse at Pier 1 years ago on clearance. It was at home on our sun porch for a long time...when the color scheme included red. Then my house metamorphosed into mostly neutrals and the reds just seemed too bold (not that I don't still love red, which I do! But my home is ever-evolving.)

It looked like its fate may be an ending at Goodwill. It sat in the closet for months, waiting for my next trip to make a donation. And then, finally, a breath of Spring made its way into Nebraska. Our front porch cried out for embellishments! So that neglected red birdhouse got a second audition.

I broke out my paintbrushes, craft paint and a wooden fleur-de-lis that happened to be in the craft closet. I abandoned my former perfectionist tendencies and painted with a free spirit. (Formerly I would have obsessed over every straight, perfectly painted edge. Thankfully I have worked through some of my control issues, haha.)

I have always been a fan of black, ivory and geometrics, so that's where my inspiration began. And from there, I really got crazy and threw in some yellow (haha, ok, so I still have a restrained sense of color, but at least it's not completely neutral.)

I think it brings some cheer to my porch for Spring. Now if I can only keep the real birds from making messes out there...

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