Thursday, April 10, 2014

Cat's Meow!

When I saw this cheetah print rug, I thought, "This rug is the cat's meow!" OK, not really, because I don't actually talk like that, but it is a funny pun, right?

I found this beauty at and you can find the ordering info (here.) I think it adds warmth and personality galore to my very ordinary master bathroom. And I love that it is a hooked construction rather than a cut pile rug. It also may have solved a little design dilemma for me. I had really planned to paint the vanity in here to match the room's door, but....

First off, we had to replace the medicine cabinet door because as you can see, what was there was an eyesore, circa early 1990's.

So I painted that and fully planned to do the same with the vanity cabinet. I was truly dreading that process, as painting cabinets does not equal fun in my mind, although I do favor painted wood over stained almost always!!
I must say that my mind was ping-ponging with that thought, though. I wasn't sure if the painted vanity would be visually heavy enough or if it would look like it was floating in this room with the black accents. So, when I placed that cheetah rug on the floor, I pretty much decided that it really pulls the room together and ties in with the stained wood as it is. Maybe it's a little laziness on my part, so that I don't have to do the work of painting. But I do actually like how it brings the browns together.

And check out this flea-market-find black shutter!

I fell in love and bought it, not knowing exactly where it would end up once I got it home. But any black shutter is a friend of mine, and I just knew that there would be a spot that was right. I think it fits perfectly in this space above the toilet, and the topiary definitely gives some "life" to this hard-edged space.

Some new cabinet hardware added just a little glamour. I found these all at Lowe's.

Now there are only a couple of minor details to finish up (towel hooks and something artsy for a large blank wall) and then this project will be wrapped up.

And by the way, since I've been so busy working on creative projects...our dinner tonight, Honey, will be crackers and cheese :)

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